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Carlos Cabral

Name: Carlos Cabral
Date: Jul 03 2015

If you plan to come to Cusco - Machu Picchu, do not hesitate to let go by Machu Picchu Travel. Being a tourist without local knowledge, the use of the trip is drastically reduced. On the contrary, if they are assisted, the time spent 100% is used, feeling that invested in the trip was worth it.

Jorge Vidal Quezada

Name: Jorge Vidal Quezada
Date: Jun 05 2015

Good night Jesus,

For almost two months I traveled with his company in Peru and then to Copacabana. To this day I can sit to write and thank you for the excellent service. I enjoyed the trip and at all times I felt very safe and quiet.
There are several points I would like to highlight:

1. I traveled alone and was the only company quoted me a package. The other company that responded did not want me to make a single package. And indeed there were companies that never answered my email.
2. From the first contact I had with you by mail, seemed very professional and helpful. It was the only company that responded quickly. Besides that, after describing the dates and places I wanted to visit, the proposal was sent super detailed and just what I was thinking. At that time it was when I decided I was definitely going to do the tour with you.
3. I thought the price of the tour was very good as it included hotels, flights, transport, tours and several lunches. After comparing prices with other tourists I met and to compare the quality of care I realized that in fact you are the best agency for cost and quality.
4. I stayed at 3 star hotels. He not expected to be so cute and great location and attention. It is noted that the selected criteria with very good quality. Traveling alone is important to feel safe in the room and the location allows me alone leave the hotel for a walk.
5. All your staff is extremely attentive and polite. I do not have any complaint, it was impressive to me to have excellent service. Both staff of the company and the group tour guides were very good.
Thank you very much indeed Jesus and all staff of the company took pains to give excellent service. It was my first trip to South America and I loved it. It was an amazing experience and the best with a great agency!
I will definitely recommend to others planning to go to Peru. I would like to them by mail to the rest of the staff to be motivated even more.

Many blessings to you Jesus and all staff of the company! They are excellent and I hope they keep it up!

Thanks again!

Carolina Centeno Rivera
Costa Rica

Name: Carolina Centeno Rivera
Country:Costa Rica
Date: Jun 01 2015

Hello, I am writing to thank you very much for the contracted tour, Peru is a wonderful country and I feel very happy and amazed by what route taken, it was worth every cent of invested again thank you very much and much love.

Marcela A. Damiani

Name: Marcela A. Damiani
Date: May 20 2015

Newly arrived from Peru would like to thank and congratulate them on their excellent organization of our tour - Lima - Cusco - Machu Picchu - Lima on the date of 2 to 6 May this year.
Starting with our arrival in Lima, transfer to the transfer to the hotel until our return in May 6th we had no problem.
Guides tours in Cusco, Machu Picchu and Sacred Valley were very professional, the hotels in Lima and Cusco were very comfortable, where the staff was very nice and helpful.
I honestly did not expect such an organization, because buying online is always a bit risky, but fortunately was not the case with your company.
It is a pleasure to recommend them among our friends.
I also want to emphasize their cooperation in preparing for our trip, always very friendly and respectful.
Thanks to their organization had an unforgettable trip with pleasure by the holy sites in Peru.
We greet you very Atte.
Marieluise and Federico Stadlberger

Name: Marieluise Stadlberger
Date: May 19 2015

Dear Sirs
We want to express our great satisfaction for the excellent service and the treatment received by the people of this agency in our recent Tour Lima-Cusco-Machu Picchu.
Everything went perfectly. Especially, our appreciation to Miss Naomi for their professionalism and cordiality.
Margarita Ramos

Name: Margarita Ramos
Date: May 19 2015

I hereby want to indicate the high degree of satisfaction that we had with the services provided by your agency made the trip to Peru and Cuzco. In the first instance I emphasize the timeliness and attention of your group, in the areas of transport and attention on each tour. Second, lunches in restaurants chosen.
The guides are very good and the information provided was excellent. Our rating is 100%.

Thank you very much from this server and my wife Felicia.
Robert Chaverri

Name: Robert Chaverri
Country: Costa Rica
Date: May 09 2015

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Machu Picchu News

Chris Smalling enjoy your vacation visiting Machu Picchu

06 de July del 2015

Chris Smalling Manchester United enjoy your holiday in our country (Peru), along with his girlfriend Sam Cooke before it returns to pre-season of his club. Smalling public photographs of his visit to the citadel of Machu Picchu in his Instagram account in there looks athlete posing in various ways with his girlfriend in a wonderland located in the region of Cusco (Machu Picchu). Fact: Chris... Read more...

National Museum of the American Indian will present the Inca Road "Qhapaq Ñan" System

03 de July del 2015

Qhapaq Nan, a road network of more than 40 000 km and more than 500 years old, represented a feat of engineering Inca, a clear example of this is "Machu Picchu" since its inception can be seen that received no damage with the passing of time (torrential rains, earthquakes). Qhapaq Nan, is the subject of the first bilingual exhibition of the National Museum of American Engineering of the... Read more...

Katy Perry fulfill his dream of visiting Machu Picchu

01 de July del 2015

The global superstar Katy Perry would have thought to visit the Inca citadel Machu Picchu. In a recent interview I mentioned that the artist came to Peru as part of its "Prismatic World Tour" and he feels very attracted to know the citadel. I also indicated that in his tour passed through Cuba and Chile and therefore expressed his desire to give some concerts day in countries such as Turkey,... Read more...

Machu Picchu received more than 350 000 visitors between January and April

27 de June del 2015

The Inca citadel of Machu Picchu received in this period an average of 358 337 tourists both domestic and foreign (January-April), the figure would represent growth of 16.6% over the same period of 2014. According to official information from the Ministry of Culture, the total visitors 74% are foreigners, while 26% were domestic. During this time of year were 93 210 domestic tourists who entered... Read more...

5 things you must experience in your trip to Machu Picchu

26 de June del 2015

In addition to the options you mentioned below, do not forget that the biggest attraction is the tour of the same Inca citadel (Machu Picchu), today considered one of the new seven wonders of the world. 5 things mentioned below are places or routes that are important for your visit to the shrine: 1. Huayna Picchu: From this mountain can have a panoramic view of the sanctuary (Machu Picchu), along... Read more...

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