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Wilson, I want to ask you this way extend my thanks to the whole team who was very attentive to everything related since my arrival in Cusco, until the time of departure. Actually my family and I are very pleased with all the attention, counseling, monitoring and coordination at all points of views, transfers to hotel, we received in Cusco.

Importantly, the guy Eco Tour Orlando that good guide, leisurely, well explained, and illustrated with a kindness class A, like Willy (I think that's the name) the guide that I assign in Machupicchu.

Name: Cecilio Vergara
Country: Panamá
Date: Sep 25 2014

Good night Wilson

Everything ok, thank you to all your staff who was always on the lookout for us in all cities and places we visited. A pleasure to have known your country and its people.

Greetings Ramon Maruri

Name: Ramón Maruri
Country: México
Date: Jul 30 2014

Dear Sirs Macchu Picchu Travel

I contact you to to extend my appreciation for the services offered on our stay in your beautiful country. It was really a pleasure to have found professionalism in the services provided, especially the attention of Wilson who was my travel agent and his colleagues Victor and Jesus, that when you have any questions or queries always gave me clear and specific answers 24 hs day.

I want to stress especially the service provided by the "Hotel Plaza Andina" Aguas Calientes and please forwarding you my deep appreciation, since the July 12 early morning when we went to take the bus to go to citadel forgot (and I did not realize until you return to the hotel) Valuables with aLL my money and documents to pay the rest our stay USD 1200. to surrender the same as it was all I had left.

If it were not for the honesty of their maids and owners or managers, who noted that I had not because I had not realized that and never have recovered my vacation had been totally ruined.

There is only giving THANKS FOR EVERYTHING! And stay wanting to return to that country so cute especially the friendliness, warmth and honesty of its people, its food and not to mention those beautiful places.

Best Regards

Name: Verónica Impróvola
Country: Argentina
Date: Jul 21 2014

Excellent service, quality, timeliness.

Name: Paula Muñoz Gonzalez
Country: Chile
Date: Jul 16 2014

Tania thank you very much for everything, everything went as planned. Already on Colombia.

Thank you very much. Will recommend your company.

Name: Sergio Rodríguez
Country: Colombia
Date: Jul 16 2014

Macchu Picchu News

Walking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

Oct 15 2014

The entry way is limited, because it is vital to preserve the flora and fauna that exist in the surrounding area. To perform this beautiful tour is recommended reservations several months in advance, as in many times of the year there is a large agglomeration of adventurous people who are routed through this route. The road is minimal and shallow as the Inca Trail would have had the length of... Read more...

Machu Picchu among 50 experiences to remember

Oct 11 2014

Machu Picchu is ranked among the top 50 experiences to remember, ranking 8 with the title "Walking the Inca Trail and end at the Lost City of Machu Picchu (Peru)". This survey was organized by the site, which got different opinions from different tourists who traveled these places. Among the top 3 are: 1. Live The experience of a Safari in Kenya 2. The site of Chichen Itzán 3 "... Read more...

World Travel Awards as best elected Peru Cultural and Culinary destination in South America

Oct 07 2014

The World Travel Awards is responsible for recognizing excellence in all tourist areas and travel around the world. At a ceremony held in Ecuador our country was recognized with 3 awards, which were collected by Ambassador Elizabeth Astete who is in Quito. The awards were received by our country: the best cultural destination, best culinary destination, and also as the country with the best... Read more...

Cindy Crawford photo published in the citadel of Machu Picchu

Sep 15 2014

(Photo: Instagram) Supermodel Cindy Crawford (48 years), published a photo in which she is appreciated and background to our World Wonder Machu Picchu on its official Instagram account. The photo was published with "Look where I am", the supermodel also said the citadel "It's Wonderful" once published several of his fans in our country they wished him a good stay in our country. It should be... Read more...

Alf Selfie causes a stir on social networks

Sep 04 2014

Alf the Melmac alien makes a comeback after 24 years of absence on tv, he didn’t find a better way to inform his audience of his return, rather than making a Selfie in Machu Picchu (one of the Seven Wonders of the World) which was posted on the Fans Page "Alf returns." It did not take many minutes the image was shared in an incredible way for all his fans, as this was due to the character's... Read more...

Part 2: The Andean Hummingbird

Aug 09 2014

Continuing the story of the life of the Andean hummingbird will touch the following topics: Food: Food is very important in the life of hummingbirds as they use too much energy in the process of flight, so this beautiful bird has to feed at least a 1000 to 1500 flowers, which can consume half its weight in sugar. Plants and hummingbirds formed a certain dependence as well as the plant provides... Read more...