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Greetings from Ecuador Guayaquil.

Ing. Jessica Guevara

Nombre: Jéssica Guevara
Fecha: Apr 09 2015

I was born in Peru and I'm proud to find a company like Machu Picchu Travel that offers all the warmth and efficient service
Thanks to all

Name: Andrea Seminario
Date: Mar 21 2015

Excellent very specific agency, responsible, organized, interested because they know and learn. People truly professional.

Name: Iraida Arellano
Date: Mar 20 2015

Hello Mrs. Barbier Yvon here I write to congratulate you for the organization of the trip we did to Peru, the six days were wonderful and not without recommending your agency
thank you very much.

Name: Yvon Barbier
Country: Bélgica
Date: Mar 10 2015

Buenos días señor,les quería decirles muchas gracias por el viaje extraordinario del camión del Inca. Fue un viaje y experiencia impresionante. Una buena organización buenos porteadores,buena cocina y muy buenos guías que nos informaba y nos consejian muy bien para las caminatas. Una pequeña cosa tendrían que mejorar y es la carpa o el alojamiento donde comíamos no estaba muy seguro,se desmontaba siempre y el toldo se caía. Les doy muchas gracias por esa linda experiencia que nunca olvidare.
Con los mejores saludos G.Miguel :)

Nombre: Miguel Gonzalo
País: España
Fecha: Feb 27 2015

Good morning sir , I wanted to tell them thank you very much for the extraordinary journey of the Inca truck . It was an amazing trip and experience . Good organization good porters, good food and very good guides informing us and we consejian great for hiking. A little thing would be improved and the tent or shelter where we ate was not sure , always dismounted and the awning fell. I give thank you very much for that beautiful experience I will never forget .
Best regards G.Miguel :)

Name: Miguel Gonzalo
Country: Spain
Date: Jan 30 2015

It is an experience that brings us to the past and is unforgettable

Name: Mauricio Naranjo
Country: Colombia
Date: Jan 16 2015

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Machu Picchu News

Machu Picchu: It came true Master Plan 2015-2019

21 de April del 2015

According to information presented by the National Service of Protected Natural Areas by the State, which after two years of work between the actors involved in the management of the sanctuary (Machu Picchu), the Master Plan 2015-2019 was approved. This Master Plan will emphasize the management and development of economic activities such as tourism within this protected area. That is why we will... Read more...

Temple of the Pachamama in Machu Picchu

20 de April del 2015

The Temple of the Dead or Mother Earth is located in the lower level to semi-round drum, it is a cold cave and gloom, the roof of this site serves as a basis for the Sun Temple (Machu Picchu), within you can appreciate a rock carved in the form of stairs, which allowed them to place offerings to the dead. The Temple in that instance was of great importance to the Incas, because they believed in... Read more...

The Botanical Garden in Machu Picchu

18 de April del 2015

The Botanical Garden is located next to Museo de Sitio Manuel Chavez Ballon, at a height of 2300 meters above sea level, in the garden diversity of native flora that counts Machu Picchu Sanctuary appreciated. The various species of plants found in an area of ​​over 600 thousand square meters, there you can see the orchid called Waqanki, which in Quechua means "Lloraras" and is considered one of... Read more...

Machu Picchu is neck sideways on the routes of tourists

17 de April del 2015

This definition is indicated because few days ago a tourist who lives in Hong Kong ago conducted a small sample video where beautiful landscapes of the South American continent. In the video will see wonderful places, but Machu Picchu without a doubt wonder more than one, which is why you can see doing cartwheels in our Maravilla, as before is the adventurer in Chan Chan equally tumbling. The... Read more...

Machu Picchu: Museo de Sitio Manuel Chavez Ballon

16 de April del 2015

Museum Manuel Chavez Ballon site was created and built in 1960 by the resident works Dr. Manuel Chavez Ballon, thanks to his initiative and efforts came true infrastructure, but besides all this work would not have finished but had received financial donation from Mrs. Anita Fernandini Naranjo. At present, Manuel Chavez museum reminds us of the history of the citadel of Machu Picchu, as the... Read more...

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