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I found excellent work of the agency. Great kindness and cordiality both Mr. Lucho and Isay.

Thank you so much.

Name: Claudia Asa
Pais: Argentina
Data: Apr 09 2014

Very happy with our tour, every thing was arranged perfectly. So we could enjoy our trip to the fullest!! :)

Nombre: Rudolf Roozendaal
País: Holanda
Fecha: Apr 02 2014

I decided to detail the agency's activities, the comprehensive program provided and the care is very good, friendly and organized.

Recommended 100%

Nombre: Noemi Vero
País: Ecuador
Fecha: Mar 06 2014

I trusted agency Machu Picchu Travel, the care provided, friendliness, safety and punctuality, it is a very serious undertaking.

Nombre: Jorge Tellez
País: México
Fecha: Feb 27 2014

We are grateful to the service, we recommend it. Your kindness is admirable and good sense of humor made our stay very pleasant.

Perú a grand destination if known better with Machu Picchu Travel.

Nombre: Alejandra Millan
País: Colombia
Fecha: Feb 24 2014

Macchu Picchu News

Space Incaa projected film "Raiders of the Lost City "

Apr 16 2014

This event will be held on the occasion of Easter, the film "Raiders of the Lost City " will air on Tuesday and Wednesday in room Ezequiel Soria Catamarca Film Theatre , located in San Martin 555 , upstairs at 21: 30 hours, with the direction of Fernando Martinez. The documentary airing about the adventures of a tourist, that from the moment you arrive to Peru Fernando Martinez follows him on his... Read more...

Machu Picchu will be watched by security cameras

Apr 12 2014

After the facts with the tourists who were caught taking nude photos on the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu. The Director of Culture, Ricardo Ruiz Caro, announced that after all these incidents, it was decided to buy 12 high-definition cameras, which will aim to make a fine follow-up activities to the tourists in our citadel. Ruiz Caro will also sign a cooperation agreement with the police car,... Read more...

CARTUC plans to design two entrance tickets to Machu Picchu

Apr 05 2014

In the presence of many personalities committed to Cusco tourism oath yesterday re-elected president of the Regional Chamber of Tourism Cusco, Roger Valencia. At the meeting, it was emphasized that the Incas have an obligation to influence the development , and this is to ask the government, but is proposing, gestate , investing , finding ways and think big , think Cusco not only as Inca capital... Read more...

You want to remember selfie? What do you expect to visit Machu Picchu?

Apr 02 2014

The selfies are fashionable, many years if it existed today is the moment in history where more people are. Children, youth and adults do not lose the opportunity to do a selfie in wherever they are and have a camera in hand. But What are the best places to take a selfie? Well you have listed to the ice caves Mendenhall in Juneau (Alaska), Yellowstone National Park (USA), Chittorgarh Fort (India... Read more...

Series "Da Vinci's Demons" premiere its new season with scenes in the citadel of Machu Picchu

Mar 31 2014

David S. Goyer creator of serious claims "That there are several hypotheses that others have discovered America before Columbus, so we want to Da Vinci there," he said. For the recording of this new series had to have 4 services are Peruvians who have the difficult job of being Incas on this recording, for this reason the production contract special makeup artists and teachers in the Quechua-... Read more...

Want to know Machu Picchu in 4 minutes?

Mar 27 2014

If you come to Cusco with the intention of having one of the most beautiful experiences of your life, without a doubt the place is in your plans is Machu Picchu, this video, recorded by a pair of young travelers, will encourage and teach more this adventure in just 4 minutes. Pascal Ghirardi and Anna Torrent travelers are hung on vimeo a fun and original time lapse. It is noted that for this item... Read more...