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This is to thank you for the cordial, respectful kindness and deference with which I was treated by the staff of your company.
It has truly been an honor to know your country and its people.
A cordial greeting to you and your staff

Patricia Bengolea

Name: Patricia Bengolea
Country: Argentina
Date: Jul 25 2015

Back and Peru, three bought our trips to Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca Puno your travel agency to June 2015, we want to thank the professionalism and quality of services, punctuality and even a few extra transportation services to we were offered during our stay in Cusco and Puno.
When we study the various options for trips was his company which more promptly and clearly answered our questions and even after seeing the prices of other companies already in Cusco itself, check that yours are very fair and, also the you favored you with an accurate and timely attention during the tour.
In particular, the guide of Lake Titicaca (unfortunately I do not remember his name) was excellent, the girls who welcomed us and gave instructions, drivers of all transfers were super professional. Puno hotel included in the package Lake was excellent. THANKS for making us so feasible that difficult part of the trip. Hopefully we can count on your services on a second trip to Peru.
Thank You.
Dr. Jesus Barquet

Name: Jesus Barquet
Country: EE. UU.
Date: Jul 23 2015

I write only to deeply thank you for your services, it has been an unforgettable journey, a little short on days but his team was greatly taken advantage of and we are entirely satisfied.
Everything was perfect hotels, transport, guides, transfer equipment, restaurants, thank you very much and certainly in the future will take another adventure with you.
A big hug for you and your team

Name: Bernardino Villanueva Garza
Country: Mexico
Date: Jul 14 2015

Excellent service, friendly service, professional in what they do, very grateful for your attention.

Carlos Cabral

Name: Carlos Cabral
Date: Jul 03 2015

If you plan to come to Cusco - Machu Picchu, do not hesitate to let go by Machu Picchu Travel. Being a tourist without local knowledge, the use of the trip is drastically reduced. On the contrary, if they are assisted, the time spent 100% is used, feeling that invested in the trip was worth it.

Jorge Vidal Quezada

Name: Jorge Vidal Quezada
Date: Jun 05 2015

Good night Jesus,

For almost two months I traveled with his company in Peru and then to Copacabana. To this day I can sit to write and thank you for the excellent service. I enjoyed the trip and at all times I felt very safe and quiet.
There are several points I would like to highlight:

1. I traveled alone and was the only company quoted me a package. The other company that responded did not want me to make a single package. And indeed there were companies that never answered my email.
2. From the first contact I had with you by mail, seemed very professional and helpful. It was the only company that responded quickly. Besides that, after describing the dates and places I wanted to visit, the proposal was sent super detailed and just what I was thinking. At that time it was when I decided I was definitely going to do the tour with you.
3. I thought the price of the tour was very good as it included hotels, flights, transport, tours and several lunches. After comparing prices with other tourists I met and to compare the quality of care I realized that in fact you are the best agency for cost and quality.
4. I stayed at 3 star hotels. He not expected to be so cute and great location and attention. It is noted that the selected criteria with very good quality. Traveling alone is important to feel safe in the room and the location allows me alone leave the hotel for a walk.
5. All your staff is extremely attentive and polite. I do not have any complaint, it was impressive to me to have excellent service. Both staff of the company and the group tour guides were very good.
Thank you very much indeed Jesus and all staff of the company took pains to give excellent service. It was my first trip to South America and I loved it. It was an amazing experience and the best with a great agency!
I will definitely recommend to others planning to go to Peru. I would like to them by mail to the rest of the staff to be motivated even more.

Many blessings to you Jesus and all staff of the company! They are excellent and I hope they keep it up!

Thanks again!

Carolina Centeno Rivera
Costa Rica

Name: Carolina Centeno Rivera
Country:Costa Rica
Date: Jun 01 2015

Hello, I am writing to thank you very much for the contracted tour, Peru is a wonderful country and I feel very happy and amazed by what route taken, it was worth every cent of invested again thank you very much and much love.

Marcela A. Damiani

Name: Marcela A. Damiani
Date: May 20 2015

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Machu Picchu News

Machu Picchu is the place that represents the Peruvian

31 de July del 2015

The Sanctuary of Machu Picchu located in the Cusco region, was chosen as the place that represents the Peruvians with 85%. The survey was conducted by Ipsos, besides Machu Picchu there were other places they consider representing the country: 33% Nazca Lines, 26% Lake Titicaca, 25% of the Amazon River, 20% Center History of Cusco. In addition to the survey of representative sites, they wonder who... Read more...

Pose increasing amount of quotas for the Inca Trail

27 de July del 2015

Because the amount of daily quotas for the Inca Trail is not supplied, it is proposed to perform various studies in order to know what the exact amount of tourists who can move about and reach one of the wonders of the world ( Machu Picchu). At present there are 500 seats that are available (daily), it is why Pedro Gamboa, head of the National Service of Protected Natural Areas by the State (... Read more...

Despite the obstacles, finally they met Machu Picchu

25 de July del 2015

Tucuman were 22 and 8 salteños who were trapped for the past week, were considered "Tourists stranded in Potosi". The tourists who were passing through the area were trapped by a Bolivian town of miners who were demanding improvements to Evo Morales. Finally after a few days it was possible to reach an agreement for the group to resume its journey and finally reach the citadel of Machu Picchu, in... Read more...

July 24 rediscovery of Machu Picchu

24 de July del 2015

The masterpiece that can be seen in the Inca citadel (Machu Picchu) impresses more than one, as it was lifted by huge stones and beautiful finishes, it was rediscovered one July 24, 1911 by American explorer Hiram Bingham. Hiram Bingham came to the area thanks to the information provided by the landowner Agustin Lizarraga, who explored the area several years before the arrival of US, exactly in... Read more...

Actress Teri Hatcher fell in love with Machu Picchu

23 de July del 2015

US actress Teri Hatcher, published on his Twitter photographs of his visit to the imperial city of Cusco, in addition to all this we include their adventure through the Sacred Valley of the Incas and Machu Picchu the most important. The actress is currently in the capital of Lima, you plan to visit the restaurants that were selected as the best in the world in the list of the 50 Best. Fact: Teri... Read more...

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