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Buenos días señor,les quería decirles muchas gracias por el viaje extraordinario del camión del Inca. Fue un viaje y experiencia impresionante. Una buena organización buenos porteadores,buena cocina y muy buenos guías que nos informaba y nos consejian muy bien para las caminatas. Una pequeña cosa tendrían que mejorar y es la carpa o el alojamiento donde comíamos no estaba muy seguro,se desmontaba siempre y el toldo se caía. Les doy muchas gracias por esa linda experiencia que nunca olvidare.
Con los mejores saludos G.Miguel :)

Nombre: Miguel Gonzalo
País: España
Fecha: Feb 27 2015

Good morning sir , I wanted to tell them thank you very much for the extraordinary journey of the Inca truck . It was an amazing trip and experience . Good organization good porters, good food and very good guides informing us and we consejian great for hiking. A little thing would be improved and the tent or shelter where we ate was not sure , always dismounted and the awning fell. I give thank you very much for that beautiful experience I will never forget .
Best regards G.Miguel :)

Name: Miguel Gonzalo
Country: Spain
Date: Jan 30 2015

With this photo , I wanted to take the time to thank your agency and particularly to pc . , For making the trip of mine and my niece in the month of October-November 2014 , an unforgettable experience.
I appreciate your efficiency, your support, your patience and people skills .
I'm sure we will return to that land as màgica !!
greetings .

Nombre: Carol Ochoa
País: Ecuador
Fecha: Jan 23 2015

It is an experience that brings us to the past and is unforgettable

Name: Mauricio Naranjo
Country: Colombia
Date: Jan 16 2015

In my journey through southern Peru turned their attention to best hope this 2015 again have the pleasant experience of having their services now by Thank north.
They have made my dream come true.

Name: Homero Mendoza Sánchez
Country: México
Date: Jan 05 2015

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Macchu Picchu News

Sacred Plaza Machu Picchu

Feb 14 2015

The sacred plaza of Machu Picchu was designated as political and social center in around it you can see important structures, such is the case of the Main Temple, the Temple of the Three Windows, the Intihuatana, the Temple of the Moon and the Priest's House. To identify what type of celebrations were held in the square several studies and excavations were conducted, it was after this that... Read more...

Machu Picchu: Planning a Trip to the Inca Ruins

Jan 28 2015

"No wonder the Spaniard colonists never found Machu Picchu five centuries later, getting there is still a challenge. If you don't want to hire a travel agency or wade through the backpacking options in popular guidebooks, considerable due diligence is required to get you to Peru then to Cusco then to Aguas Calientes, and from there up to the amazing Inca ruins. After spending literally hours... Read more...

5 Reasons to visit Peru this 2015

Jan 24 2015

Men's Journal magazine announced the five reasons why you should visit Peru during 2015. citadels , natural landscapes , bars and hotels are: "After years of hyperinflation and corruption losses , recovery of Peru is reflected in its stellar cuisine, a growing art scene and nightlife options . All this with its natural beauty as a backdrop , "said the magazine Men's Journal 1. THE BARS... Read more...

It seeks to break the myth that travel through Peru 's expensive: “Perú Regiones”

Jan 21 2015

Canatur promueve el turismo interno The National Chamber of Tourism intended through the campaign " Peru Regions " break the myth that travel through Peru is more expensive to travel abroad. This was announced by the president of Canatur , Jorge Jochamowitz , who seeks to promote the culture of travel planning and advance purchase to access lowest fares and special offers. Thus announced the... Read more...

Belmond Hotel Santuary Lodge begins cleanup campaign trail to Machu Picchu

Jan 14 2015

Great initiative of Belmond Santuary Lodge In order to conserve and protect the environment , workers Belmond Hotel Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge , coveralls stood and participated in the collection of solid waste on the road Hiram Bingham. Among the collected waste was achieved distinguished: plastic bags, batteries, metal , plastic bottles, powered windows , building materials , electrical... Read more...

Thirty companies in the Sierra Norte and Centro promote their attractions in event Canatur

Jan 09 2015

Lima will host the fair “Perú Regiones: Sierra Norte y Centro” that will perform the National Chamber of Tourism (Canatur) on Friday January 30 at the Entertainment and Convention Center Atlantic City in Miraflores. The event was attended by 30 tourism companies that will promote the tourist attractions of Ayacucho, Junin, Huanuco, Pasco, La Libertad, Ancash and Cajamarca regions. With this... Read more...