The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu Salkantay 5 days tour

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First Day: Mollepata

We will pick you up between 4:00hrs and 4:40hrs from your hotels or accomodation places. Then we will take a local bus towards Mollepata, small town located over 2,850 m above sea level, with a tempered climate and vegetation from the Edge of the Jungle, in its surroundings we will be able to appreciate some snowcapped picks that belong to the chain of Salkantay, where we will enjoy the beautiful sight that is part of the snowcapped pick Salkantay which is at an altitude of 6,200 ms above sea level., contemplating this landscape we will begin our long walk which will approximately last 7 to 8 hours. Likewise, we will observe the vegetation pertaining to the Edge of the Jungle, along the road we will have lunch, and then we will continue until we get to SORAYPAMPA, place of our first camping site.

Second Day: Salkantay

At dawn, when we wake up our first sight will be the impressive of the majestic Salkantay. At 7:00 hrs. weWooden Bridge - Salkantay will get ready to have breakfast and after that we will continue our trek, also, this time will take us 7 to 8 hours. Along our walking we will be able to observe the echo tones and the differences among the altitudinal floors, we will enter into a kind of canyon which will lead us to the to the foothills of the Salkantay, after 3 hours walking we will have lunch, to keep on our walking we will have to get through this pass in order to descend and contemplate the Edge of the Jungle. This day, we will arrive to CHALLHUAY where we will spend the night.

Third Day: Jungle zone

Way in the salkantay

We begin a new day and a new landscape and a new temperature, because here begins the warm weather related to the Edge of the Jungle zone. After breakfast we will follow our route, today we will go along valleys, watching a variety of birds, mammals, insects and other animals. Moreover, we will have the opportunity to observe the life of the settlers and enjoy of the thermal baths (collpampa), the rainfalls (waynapoco), if we really have some spare time. Then, we will continue walking for about 4 a 6 hours before lunch(sahuayacu o playa), next we will take the bus to get to Santa Teresa where we will spend the night.

Salkantay Mountains

Fourth Day: Intihuatana - Hidroelectrica

Waking up we will have breakfast and after it, we will walk for about 40 minutes to get to the edge of the river VILCANOTA, here we will have to use the hanging bridge after which we will walk for 3 more hours towards the Hidroelectrica, once there, we will be able to appreciate the valley of the Urubamba river, a huge rainfall that flows from the Machupicchu mountain, on the northeast we will find an appropriate place where we can have lunch. Afterwards, visit the Intihuatana at Km. 121.

At the end of our visit, we will have to wait for the train, that will take us to Aguas Calientes, where we will rest in a comfortable inn.

Cascading Salkantay

Fifth Day: Machu picchu

Today is the great day because we will be able to know the Historical Sanctuary of Machu picchu. At 6:00hrs we will get ready to hike towards Machu Picchu, where we will have a guided tour.

Important - By (January-April) rainy season companies Inka Rail and Peru Rail services depart and arrive to Ollantaytambo or Pachar stations (to 2 hours from the city of Cusco).
  • The price of our Tours include transfers to these stations.
  • The discount for foreign students will only be possible with your student visa card (because ISICARD is no longer valid).

    Price per person
    Cost of tour for strain adult 400
    Cost of tour Foreign studients with Visa Card or peruvian citizen 375

    Direct to Return to Cusco Prices
    To return by Expedition Train you must add 65reserve ahead
    To return by Vistadome Train you must add 75reserve ahead
    To return by Hiram Bingham Train you must add 500 reserve ahead

    This tour includes

    • 4 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 4 dinners
    • Horses (only for equipment)
    • Entrance ticket to Machu picchu
    • Train back from Aguas calientes to Cusco
    • Bus fares (Cusco, molle pata), train (Hidroelectrica - Aguas calientes)
    • A professional guide ( English-Spanish)
    • Tents
    • A mattress
    • Tents for dinning / cooking

    This tour does not include

    • First breakfast
    • Last lunch
    • Bus fares from aguas calientes to Machupicchu
    • Sleeping bags

    Hotel information to pick you up

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    • Date of the beginning of tour.
    • Names (as shown in passport)
    • Surnames.(as shown in passport)
    • Nationality.
    • Passport number.
    • Date of Birth.
    • Name of hotel
    • Phone number to contact
    • Bring a copy of the migration card (TAM) which will be delivered when entering Perú.
    • Payment of 50% of the tour cost.
    • Check HERE if you need Tourism Visa.
    • Prices are for promotion and for cash payments, to pay credit card will have a charge of 8% to the total.

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