The Andean Explorer train Cusco - Lake Titicaca - Cusco one day tour

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There are a category or type of train for trip to Lake Titicaca for foreigners and Peruvians:

Description of the Andean Explorer train journey

The Andean Explorer travels from Cusco to Lake Titicaca (Puno). This service, full of romance and style, unites two of the most important tourist destinations Perú.El Andean Explorer is exquisitely decorated in subtle and delicate style of the great Pullman trains of the twenties and has a whole fleet of cars completely renovated including dining cars and a car-air observatory libre.Esta bar is a luxurious way to travel between Lake Titicaca and Cuzco.

During the trip, Tren Andean Explorerpassengers can enjoy lunch consisting of a starter, main course and dessert in the dining car, followed by coffee served in the bar car observatorio.Durante ten hours away by train, not only the landscape changes from mountains and rolling plains, also the weather. Lake Titicaca is higher and colder than Cusco, so is that passengers should be prepared for changes.

Cusco - Lake Titicaca (Puno)

Tren Cusco - Puno

This spectacular rail journey begins in historic Cuzco towards the south of the beautiful city of Puno on the shores of Lake Titicaca. Travelers can choose the wagons of the Andean Explorer that will have the perfect opportunity to admire the beautiful scenery through the car windows wide viewpoint.

The train begins a gentle climb to higher ground and cold. The magnificent Andean mountains dominate the first half of the trip looming over deep valleys and the meandering River Huatanay. When you reach the soft Andean plains you can see vicuñas and alpacas.

The journey is broken at La Raya, mandatory stop to admire the landscape from the highest point of the route.


To go on the Train Andean Explorer should increase the cost of the package Prices
Travel from Cusco to Puno 255
Travel from Puno to Cusco 150


Description Price
One-way fare 220

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